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Funlife, founded in 2019, is a fashion and comfortable clothing store specially designed for the majority of women. Our shop specialize in dresses, sweaters, coats, trousers and other fashion products. All products follow the principle of excellent in quality and reasonable in price. Funlife not only pursues fashion, but also emphasizes the beauty of comfortable, healthy and natural life. Funlife hope that every urban women will not only pursue individual fashion, but also feel the beauty of healthy and comfortable life. Funlife has been committed to leading the fashion taste of urban intellectual women; advocating personalized, diversified collocation without losing the classic clothing concept and clothing culture and devoting themselves to shaping the dignified, intellectual and elegant image of beautiful women. With accurate market positioning, classic, fashion and combined with consumer needs of the design style and humanized management concept to open the store. Welcome you to visit our shop,and we hope that you can find your pleasant products.discount, brand discount.




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