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People in the workplace should be familiar with the word “commuting”. Simply speaking, commuting is the process of commuting between home and workplace. But slowly “commuting” also has more meanings. For example, today’s “commuting style” refers to the style suitable for attending more formal occasions, especially at work. Women nowadays not only wear this style of clothes when they are really “commuting”, but also “commuting style” in daily life. It is the representative of intellect and elegance.

Shirts are a typical commuting style. For middle-aged women, dressing is no longer fashionable, but appropriate and textural. Shirts are simply made for women of this age. Summer commuter can use shirts with high waist and wide legs, shirts can highlight the charm of middle-aged women, while broad legs show long legs, the combination is perfect.


Middle-aged women should pay attention to the style of dressing, not to choose too fancy, especially when choosing the commuter air, the focus is to highlight the appropriate, high-level feeling, too fancy color is not suitable.

Pure-color dress is perfect for middle-aged women, with the classic half-sleeve high waist style, if you find it boring, you can choose some small decorative style at the collar, cuffs and so on. It is simple but exquisite. Compared with formal professional clothes, such dresses are suitable for everyday life and the workplace, and they are not rigid, which improves the temperament of middle-aged women more.

Sleeveless dress does not mean disclosure and inappropriateness, on the contrary, sleeveless dress is to bring more mature charm of women to the commuter. Especially after some experience, middle-aged women can try more clean and neat models, more efforts on the internal temperament, and find the details of the collocation. Exquisite direction.

For example, simply wearing a sleeveless dress may be as plain as water, but with exquisite women’s watches or small pearl earrings, exquisite penetration into the details. This is the best way for middle-aged women to release their charm by wearing clothes.

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